Integrated Glucose Single-Use-Sensor

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Continuous measuring and real-time data collection of key parameters is critical for the cell biologists. Cell growth and metabolic activity can be measured instantaneously and the derived data can be used to trigger bioprocess control actions.

C-CIT Glucose Single-Use-Sensor (SUS) use PC and PP as in-process contact materials complying with USP VI for cell culture applications. Measuring range 0 - 33 mmol/L or 0 – 6.0 g/L Glucose linear. Typical SUS operating time is now extended to 3 weeks.

The Swiss CITSens Single-Use-Sensor
The Swiss CITSens Single-Use-Sensor (Glycose and/or Lactate) is pre-installed by CerCell and by end-user connected via the C-CIT Wi-Fi transmitter to a PC. Data measured and transmitted every 20 seconds to the PC. Find more info on this link -

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