Exhaust options

Exhaust product details selected via “Configurator Tool”

A range of 4 different size sterile filters is available in many different setup.

Here shown 5 cm2, 16 cm2, 26 cm2 and the large 400 cm2 sterile filters.

One or more sterile filters on hose in any length

Hose clamps before each filter, filter diameter and hose size depending of products range. Dual sterile filter OD50 mm on exhaust for either prolonged operation time, for filter protection or for in general lower system pressure. Filters on long hose may be suspension from sky-support.

500 ml bottle with one or two filter

50 mm sterile filter on short hose, one swabable valve on short hose. Foam collection bottle will protect the exhaust filters and help avoid blockage. 500 mm long silicone tube between bottle and SUB or SUF.

Single-Use gas cooler product combines inner DURAN glass ID12 tube for excellent heat transfer and outer polycarbonate plastics fittings and tube. Connected via PG 13,5 thread barb in one end and opposite end the 12 mm centre tube outlet easy to fit with an ID10 or 12 mm silicone hose in any length. Transparent tubes allow the user to inspect the functionality. May be combined with any of the 16, 26 or 400 cm2 filters.