LowRider-13 Perfusion-Ready

LowRider for easy connection with any perfusion system

For perfusion systems not integrating a SUB the “LowRider” is the perfect solutions. Bottom outlet for connecting a pump (like centrifugal or peristaltic pumps) used for circulating broth through the CFF/HFF. The "LowRider-13" designed for up to 10 liter Working Volume perfusion setup.

The unique broth outlet at bottom exit via a 200 mm long hose and a first aseptic connector, retentate return to the SUB through one or more aseptic connector and back into the LowRider-13 PR-SUB. Photo show the integrated 500 ml foam collection bottle. Rendered sketch illustrate the high level of documentation offered.

Features for the LowRider-13 size PR-SUB

  • Rigid mono component PolyCarbonate vessel
  • Vessel dimension: OD 200 x 445 mm
  • Multiple drive options:
    • Head-Plate-Drive (HPD) for your servo motor 
    • Magnetic-Bottom-Drive (MBD) for your servo motor on MST-S
  • Multiple impellers (and turbines) - two examples:
    • Two elephant ear impellers, OD 100 mm, 3 blades each, 45 degrees angle, CW rotation down flow, 55 mm from the bottom, 120 mm between
    • One Rushton OD 100 mm turbine, one OD 90 mm pitch blade impeller, 55 mm from the bottom, 120 mm separated

PR-SUB characteristics

  • 100% configurable design for the 13 liter Vessel Volume (VV) - Working Volume (WV) minimum WV depends on your impeller configuration

Needed or nice to have re-usable accessories

  • Re-Usable electrical heating blanket (dim 200 x 450 mm for 230 VAC)
  • HPD / MST adaptors for a variety of servo motors
  • SUB support plate - more stable on desktop or MST
  • If needed - adaptor kit for your servo motor
  • If needed - Sterile-Filter-Heater(s)
  • Accessories to be found here - Accessory Products

If needed we can add

  • Three baffles extending from head plate 
  • Single-Use-Jacket (SUJ) for liquid thermal control with two G3/8” thread (10 mm barb or GL18 or Rectus)
  • Foam collecting bottle 500 ml size in the exhaust line and liquid drain with swabable valve
  • all kind of accessories on In&Out hoses

Select HPD drive with options readily available.

Various servo motors can be accommodated via a range om adaptors.