pH Hamilton

Glass pH Single-Use-Sensor's

OneFerm pH sensor are pre-installed along with SUB assembling and before bagging. Hereafter the complete product is E-beam irradiated and ready for use. Available in PG 13.5 format in length - 120, 225, 325, 425 mm.

OneFerm pH sensor manufactured by Hamilton are available with 3-10 pH range and type S8 or K9 or VP8 connector. High precision measurement with specifications of +/- 0.15 pH and +6 month workable lifetime. Sensor shelf life / dry storage pre-installed in SUB/SUF are +12 month. Need less than 1 hour conditioning in media before one point calibration and use.

These Hamilton models are available from our stock (from top to bottom on photo at right): 

  • OneFerm VP classical analogue signal, built-in Pt1000 (or Pt100) sensor, connector VP8, shown in 225 mm length
  • OneFerm VP classical analogue signal, built-in NTC22 sensor, connector VP8, shown in 120 mm length
  • OneFerm, classical analogue signal, socket K8 length 325 mm
  • OneFerm, classical analogue signal, socket S8 length 225 mm
  • OneFerm, classical analogue signal, socket S8 length 120 mm

Other length like 425 mm and up to 600 mm on request.

Calibration of SUS

The new OneFerm pH sensor has been pre-calibrated at pH 4 and pH 7 at 25° C temperature; hence calibration prior to final process is not necessary. Values for offset and slope are recorded on a certificate and coded in the QR code on the tag found on the sensor. Being the zero point (mV) and sensitivity (mV/pH or %). At customer site these two values (offset and slope) should be inserted in the PCS, pre-amplifier, transmitter. Some user may further perform a one-point calibration based on the media pH value.

Calibration of RUS

The traditional glass OneFerm pH Re-Usable-Sensor are calibrated with buffer solutions on two points determining the offset and the slope of the RUS. 

ARC type

OneFerm with VP8 connector, classical analogue signal, and NTC 22 kOhm sensor designed specifically for connection with the ARC module. The ARC module internally temperature compensate the pH value and deliver both 4-20 mA and 2 digital ModBus based signal to the PCS. Remember to have the ARC module programmed for the correct ModBus address. VP pin: A=Cathode, B=Anode, D=ground, E=NTC22, F=NTC22.