Assemblies for SUB's

Hose and bottles from 500 ml and up

CerCell is the world leader in customized SUBs, SUFs, SUMs ranging 250 ml to 30 liter Vessel Volume. Most often including the new buzz word – assemblies - nothing new here. We have supplied ready-to-use SUBs for years.

Assemblies are standard for:

Allowing you to optimize your time and concentrate on the bioprocess.

Loaded 3.2 liter SUB for electrical blanket thermal control. The 3.2 liter kit before assembling. And the same 3.2 liter SUB next to 13 liter SUB inside a Single-Use-Jacket for liquid thermal control.

3.2 liter SUB equipped with Single-Use-Jacket and connection hoses. A heavily assembly loaded 13 liter SUB with Single-Use-Jacket ready to use. To the right a 30 liter BactoVessel with a foam trap and various hoses, filters, connecters.

We suggest you use the Configurator Tool and get as close you can with your SUB design. Combine the resulting PDF file from Configurator with your preferred “assembly” sketch and email CerCell.