Commercial collaboration

CerCell collaborate with distributor's as well as with product supplier's and manufacturer’s

(Arranged in alphabetic order)

England based and world known bio-mass sensor manufacturer with a world first capacitance based Single-Use-Sensor for BactoVessel fermenter and CellVessel bioreactor.

USA based manufacturer of Process-Control-Systems, various process sensors, fermenters and bioreactors. Mutual development of pH Single-Use-Sensors for SUBs and SUFs with CerCell.

Switzerland based manufacturer of chemical sensors and biosensors including instruments for data monitoring and data processing. C-CIT's products are well placed to provide a range of innovative solutions in biomedical, environmental and process monitoring. Mutual development of Glucose Single-Use-Sensors for SUB and SUF. EU partner with ZHAW and CerCell in two EuroStar R&D project.

England based manufacturer of nanofibre scaffolds for 3D cell culture, utilizing the world-class electrospinning facilities in England. Electrospun fibre scaffolds support 3D growth of a variety of different cell types and are produced from FDA approved medical grade polymers. EU partner with Stobbe Tech / CerCell in FP7 and EuroStar projects.

Denmark based developer and manufacturer of spot, patch based pH and DO Single-Use-Sensor's. FRS-spots are not light sensitive, the spots respond in a thousandth of a second and are read in a tenth of a second.

Switzerland based and world known sensor manufacturer with a variety of sensors for fermenters and bioreactors. Mutual development of DO and pH Single-Use-Sensors for CerCell SUB and SUF. 

Switzerland based and world known manufacturer of Single-Use-Pumps (SUP) for the pharma industry. CerCell integrate the PuraLev SUP in the portfolio of LowRider PR-SUBs. 

World leading pharmaceutical process equipment manufacturer. Contractual global non-exclusive distributor of CerCell products.

Germany based company developing and manufacturing fiber-optic sensors, so called Optodes. Provide a range of products in the field of chemical-optical Single-Use-Sensors globally. EU partner with Stobbe Tech / CerCell in FP7 projects.

Italian based suppliers of in-house developed, designed and manufactured STR equipment. The core business is design and manufacture of glass & steel fermenters and bioreactors from lab-scale to industrial scale, including comprehensive Process-Control-Systems and in-house developed CFR 21 part 11 compliant software.

Non-exclusive distributor of CerCell products on the west coast of USA.