Pall 3,2 liter standard SUB

Easy to order and use standard SUB product's

Pall has configured a 3.2 litre Single-Use-Bioreactor's (SUB) with either CW or CCW impeller rotation for up-flow media direction. Very simple installation on Magnetic-Stirrer-Table for any standard PCS servo motor drive. Plenty of PG 13.5 sensor ports for any wish.

Ideal in seed train with Pall’s larger-scale Allegro STR bioreactor platform


  • Available with Magnetic-Bottom-Drive (MBD) in either CW and CCW models
  • Magnetic-Bottom-Drive (MBD) designed for 3 month operation
  • 5 x PG 13.5 ports for sensors (choose alternatively with pre-installed Single-Use-Sensor's)
  • 1 x elephant ear up-flow type impeller integrated with the Aero drive
  • 2 x 1.0 mm drilled hole L-macro sparger (max sparge gas pressure 500 mBar)
  • 2 x large diameter deep tube with Colder connector for perfusion purpose
  • 12 x small diameter hoses length 600 mm for various inlet and outlet
  • 1 x gas overlay with 16 cm2 sterile filter
  • 2 x sterile filter 26 cm2 on exhaust 
  • SUB outside dimension OD 137 x H 270 mm = 3.2 liter Vessel Volume (VV)
  • Working Volume (WV): 300 ml required to cover the ceramics bearing, 500 ml will cover sensors, 1.000 ml will cover the impeller
  • Thermal control by electrical jacket 
  • Thermal control by liquid when inserted into the Re-Usable-Jacket (RUJ) bolted onto the Magnetic-Stirrer-Table.
  • Download the Poster Presentation from PALL presented at The American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ASGCT) summer 2018. Copyright by PALL Corporation. Use the link at the bottom of this page.

MST part numbers to choose from:

  1. Magnetic-Stirrer-Table including Biostat type adaptor (ID39-B)
  2. Magnetic-Stirrer-Table including Applikon type adaptor (ID25-A)

Servo motor adaptor kit available for Kollmorgen (Sartorius), 4-pin Applikon design, MagMotor (Eppendorf), Teknic (Finesse) or any other servo motor you may have. For extra security select one Sterile-Filter-Heater (SFH) envelope. Find here supporting Accessory Product details.

Impeller data:

  • Elephant ear type impeller, OD60, 3 blades, 45 degrees
  • Power Number 2.4
  • Model R / Clock Wise (CW) rotation for up-flow direction
  • Model L / Counter Clock Wise (CCW) rotation for up-flow direction
  • Mounted 50 mm from the bottom
  • For extra security select one Off-gas Sterile-Filter-Heater envelope (for 16 cm2 sterile filter)

How to do: