Conversion kits for servo motor's

How to make simple conversion of your servo motor

In order to keep it as simple as possible we prefer to use, adapt to the most widely used design in order to drive a range of CerCell bioreactors and fermenters by a range of servo motors.

Convert old Kollmorgen with new ID39-B adapter

Upgrade the older 6SM style motor (with magnetic coupling in ID50-B adapter) to latest style PowerGrip rubber coupling in ID39-B adapter. Conversion kit allow the OD 9.0 mm axle 6SM motor to obtaining moderns style adapter dimension as the AKM or EBM-Papst style servo motors. Both original equipped with ID39-B mm adapter.

Use metric Allen key for un-bolting the old ID50-B adapter and magnetic coupling from the 6SM motor. Mount the new PowerGrip ZN21 sprocket with a distance of 1.5 mm from motor body and the 85 mm long ID39-B adapter.

Conversion kit designed for OD 9.0 mm axle European (Metric format) designed 6SM motors.

Convert MagMotor with new ID39-B adapter

Convert the C21-K175 motor with magnetic coupling to the ID39-B adapter used by CerCell and others.

Loosen with 1/8” Hex/Allen key the ¼” UNC screw in the magnetic coupling from the OD12 mm axle on the OD 54 mm Italian gearbox. Remove the 4 Phillips screws securing the aluminum bowl. Remember the magnetic coupling is mounted ½” up in the aluminum bowl.

Conversion kit for the MagMotor model C21-K175 with gearbox and magnetic coupling - converts to ID39-B adapter design.

You can find various mounting guides at this link