Head-Plate-Drive model B

HPD-B drive disc for Biostat servo motor adapter/nose design

Head-Plate-Drive (HPD) interfaces CellVessel SUB and BactoVessel SUF to late Sartorius® Biostat rubber coupling design - which we call ID39-B. Used by CerCell®, Finesse®, BBI-biotech, Sartorius and others. Insure the servo motor is fully aligned. Insure max servo motor weight is 1.5 kilo up to OD150 and 1.8 kilo up to OD250 mm diameter.

The re-usable SUB/SUF kit consist of 2 parts;

  • Metal ID39-B disc to be gently pressed onto the OD30 mm HPD bearing house
  • White Nylon66 SP21 PowerGrip sprocket which fit onto the OD 8.0 mm SS axle

Shown example is a CellVessel OD 137 x 255 3.2 litre SUB mounted with Kollmorgen® AKM servo motors in HPD-B setup. The SP21 rubber coupling part are attached to the re-usable PowerGrip Nylon sprocket. Here CellVessel OD 137 x 225 3.2 litre SUB mounted with the white Nylon PowerGrip sprocket on the central OD 8,0 mm axle and the adapter on the OD 30 mm HPD bearing housing. Manual mounting of the PowerGrip® Nylon sprocket to the central axle and mounting of the aluminum HPD adapter is simple. 

Photo to the right show a BactoVessel 5.7 litre VV mounted in Re-Usable-Jacket connected to a Biostat liquid heating/cooling for 1,500 RPM microbial fermentation.

The most intelligent drive system is Perseus and Cilix from Cronus-PCS equipped as standard with either ID39-B or ID30 adapter.

Several Biostat coupling standard exist;

  • very old Biostat with Heidolph motor - conversion to ID39-B is possible
  • old Biostat magnetic for Kollmorgen 6SM - must be converted to ID39-B format
  • newer Biostat with rubber coupling for Kollmorgen AKM being the ID39-B format
  • latest Biostat with rubber coupling for Papst being the ID39-B format