Re-Usable-Jacket for HPD

For thermal control of small and medium sized CellVessel and BactoVessel

For water conveying Process-Control-System (PCS) CerCell manufacture stand-alone Re-Usable-Jacket's (RUJ) to insert the SUB or SUF. This jacket is an efficient heat exchanger and an advanced option for OD 110, 137, 150, 200 mm SUB / SUF in 225, 325 and 425 mm height.

A flexible seal between the removable top flange and fixed support ring allow simple installation / replacement of the SUB or SUF. Both the CellVessel SUB and BactoVessel SUF with OD137 and OD200 are equipped with required vessel / head-plate flange as standard.


  • The RUJ in various sizes is an accessory found under Commerce
  • Circulation water temperature from PCS range 5 - 55°C
  • MAX jacket operating pressure 250 mBar
  • RUJ equipped with a spring loaded over-pressure (system protection) valve set at 1,000 mBar
  • Recommended water flow 1 litre/min per litre SUB / SUF WV
  • Two G3/8” female thread for In/Out adapters, connections. Supplied with either of; 1. OD10 barb, 2. GL18 male glass thread (similar to UniVessel and others), 3. Rectus 21 couplings (similar to Biostat / UniVessel) female locked at bottom and open male at top
  • Weight ranging 5-20 kilo depending on size, the weight facilitate stable arrangement on desktop.
  • The transparent rigid plastic tube section give excellent process view (may be supplied coated black with window)
  • Supplied with servo motor support kit (2 rods, one transparent plate, set of nuts and sky support) if for Applikon or Kollmorgen servo motor only
  • Special model available for Eppendorf 3 liter bioBLU operating with Eppendorf HPD

SUJ may also include heating rod elements for connection to PCS for combined electrical heating / liquid cooling. Photos below show an example integrating 2 x 130 watt mounted in the RUJ bottom for a specific customer requirement.

For applications of high power or RPM above 1.000 rpm it makes a lot of sense to use the here shown motor support in combination with the RUJ.

Different servo motor installation on top of BactoVessel mounted in RUJ. Kollmorgen - SpeederMotion - Kollmorgen servo motor's with white plastic/aluminum disc adhered to the servo motor top with Scotch tape.

Some of the later NBS/Eppendorf PCS are delivered with MagMotor C21-K175. Here shown modified with CerCell conversion kit to work on SUB and SUF with ID39-B adapter.

Servo motor secured radially in the transparent plastic triangle. Removed from the ID39-B-NBS-C21 adapter and drawn up through the transparent motor support plate.

For the PCS with liquid heating/cooling several options for liquid connections is available.