Thermal control

CerCell offer a range of heating or cooling product's for thermal control of SUBs and SUFs

  • Electrical-Heating-Blanket's (EHB)
  • Electrical jackets 3,200 ml
  • Small 500 ml CellVessel and BactoVessel heating/cooling
  • Single-Use-Jacket (SUJ) for heating/cooling selectable in Configurator Tool
  • Re-Usable-Jacket (RUJ) for water borne heating/cooling
  • Sterile-Filter-Heater
  • Flexible-Heating-Cooling jacket's
3 litre RUJ on MST sandard.JPG3 litre SUB in RUJ on MST ultra a.JPGCerCell electrical heating blankets for SUBs.JPGselection of thermal components.JPGsterile filter heaters in two sizes.JPG