Configurator Tool for bioreactors

Introduction to "Configurator Tool" version 3

The ”Configurator Tool" ver 3 is world only “Do-It-Yourself” SUB and SUF product. The purpose of the DIY tool is to simplify the SUB and SUF design phase. After all you can choose from +5,000 different components on the shelfs at CerCell. The tool collects all your choices and presents the result as a long product code in a PDF file to save and/or print out.

Use of "Configurator Tool" ver 3 - (please read the guide lines!)

The Tool is a guide to generate your order form as a PDF document ready to email to Hereafter you will receive an official offer including a PDF drawing of the product. Then give the official order again to and you will receive the SUB or SUF according to delivery time as found under Commerce

If the "Configurator Tool" 3 do not offer enough options - then all you need to do is to start a specific development project with us. We are happy to design anything you can imagine.

Configurator Tool

Press the button/link above and you will be guided to a new page which start the Configurator Tool 3. No legal obligation from CerCell follow the use of the "Configurator Tool" 3. Check out our GTP in the black field below.

Guidelines (save time through reading)

Language used

The "Configurator Tool" 3 is HTML 5 based and written in JavaScript for Internet Explorer ver 9. Though most web browsers on modern computers, tablets, pads, smartphones, etc will work as well. The "Configurator Tool" 3 do not require Flash or Cookies to collect information. It’s useful to have a PDF Reader installed as the "Configurator Tool" ver 3 delivers its results in the PDF format.

You could check out the real origin of our "Configurator Tool" ver 3 concept under Glossary