• Item 1
    Re-Useable-Jacket for the 3 liter bioBLU
  • Item 2
    3.2 litre SUB in RUJ on MST-Ultra
  • Item 3
    3.2 and 21 liter SUB's with assembly
  • Item 4
    Assembly kits and SUB 3.2
  • Item 5
    Beautiful presentation of 3.2 liter SUBs
  • Item 6
    CellVessel OD137 bottom outlet
  • Item 7
    CerCell batch + Cronus-PCS
  • Item 8
    Harmonia thermal setup with various
  • Item 9
    Heating-Support-Foot 3.2 liter on MST
  • Item 10
    Incyte bio-mass sensor on 3.2 liter CellVessel
  • Item 11
    Most of the Single-Use-Sensor's available
  • Item 12
    Multiple Impellers and Turbines

Bioreactor Customized

Let’s design your preferred Single-Use-Bioreactor (SUB). No standard SUB will satisfy your needs anyway! Out of 5.000 different parts it should be possible to assemble a CerCell design specifically for you.

Mixer Customized

CerCell design and manufacture super customized CellMiscelatore™ Single-Use-Mixer (SUM). Suited for preparation of viral vectors, plasmid and mRNA production at any viscosity and thermal complixity.

Fermenter Customized

Tough Single-Use-Fermenter (SUF) up to 30 litre for microbial fermentation replacing old fashion glass/steel STR. Compatible with all Process-Control-System, classical sensors and super simple to install.