• Terry in production
  • ISO assembling
    Full traceability in clean production facilities
  • Bunch of 3,2 liter
    bunch of 3,2 liter CerCell SUBs
  • Single Use Mixer out of a batch
    Customized Single-Use-Mixer
  • 500 ml SUB in HSF W
    500 ml CerCell SUB liquid controlled
  • Kevin in CAD environment red
    pro support for any SUB design
  • SUB 3 liter on MST Applikon drive
    SUB 3,2 liter on MST with servo motor drive
  • 3 litre SUB in RUJ on MST ultra a
    Liquid jacket for CellVessel SUB
  • 500 ml SUB in HSF
    CellVessel 500 ml thermal control
  • BactoVessel Smith turbine and sparger
    BactoVessel with Smith turbine and sparger
  • CellTumbler stacked
    CellTumbler rocking nicely under cover
  • CellVessel 3 litre on Finesse Smart PCS
    CellVessel SUB on Finesse PCS

Customizable Single Use Bioreactor

Let’s design your preferred SUB or SUF. No standard SUB will satisfy your needs anyway! Out of 5.000 different parts it should be possible to assemble a CerCell design specifically for you.

Standard Single Use Bioreactor

CellVessel is a unique SUB platform able to satisfy the 0,5 to 30 litre Vessel Volume range. Fit's any existing Process-Control-System with agitation via Head-Plate-Drive or Magnetic-Bottom-Drive.

Customizable Single Use Fermenter

World first tough SUF up to 30 litre for microbial fermentation replacing old fashion glass/steel STR. Compatible with all Process-Control-System, classical sensors and super simple to install.