Agitation movies axial 3.2

Educational movies of unique axial mixing with 60 mm impeller

We found a practical way showing the mixing performance – we named it Practical-Fluid-Dynamics - PFD! Yellow colour small size particles added to the liquid illustrating cells in the media. Enjoy these new movies we have created May 2018.

Test data – CellVessel with Magnetic-Bottom-Drive (MBD) mounted on Magnetic-Stirrer-Table (MST) driven by Perseus drive unit and ECI servo motor from CellVessel 3,200 ml Vessel Volume, 1,400 ml Working Volume, left / right turn rotation, pumping down / up, axial mixing, 3 blade impeller, 30° blade angle, 150 RPM.

Comments to the performance compared to radial mixing:

  • Reduced RPM now 150 (axial flow) compared to traditional 250 (radial flow)
  • Reduced blade angle now 30° (axial) compared to 45° (radial)
  • Baffel’s convert traditional radial poor mixing to efficient axial mixing
  • Impeller design and baffle design should be optimized to the application – such as heights and design of the baffle tube and wings, height arrangement of the impeller,
  • Result is reduced foam generation and reduced gradients

Test to show the potential of PFD!