Small CellVessel heating

CellVessel small family 500 mL supporting accessories

Thermal control of small bioreactors is improved when the PCS thermocouple is connected to the high thermal mass aluminium Heating-Support-Foot (HSF) and not in the limited thermal mass of liquid in the SUB. Much easier to setup and use.

Electrical HSF-E-xxx for CellVessel 500 ml is available in these versions:

  • Electrical for 110 VAC with IEC C14 connector - adaptors available for any need
  • Electrical for 230 VAC with IEC C14 connector - adaptors available for any need

HSF-E-xxx include:

  • Electrical ground and to be used with certified electrical ground at end-user site!
  • Integrated thermal protection, which cut of at 55°C and connects again at 35°C. NOT for cultivation purposes – only for your personal protection!

HSF-W for CellVessel 500 ml

The HSF-W facilitate two non-invasive integrated thermocouple wells. Drilled holes for OD3 and OD6 mm thermocouples.

1 - Heating-Support-Foot (HSF-W) for CellVessel SUB size 500 ml vessel based on circulating liquid from an external supply. G-1/4" female thread for various barb, hose adaptations - also Rectus-21 couplings can be mounted. 2 - HSF pn 2262-W shown with red Biostat hoses as an example for simultaneous agitation and thermal control. 3 - Perfusion SUB-mini mounted in the HSF-W.

Some PCS depends on liquid thermal control. The experienced Biostat user do recognize the red hoses! No liquid over-pressure valve is included for the liquid circuit. Max pressure not higher than 1 Bar at any time.