CellVessel 3,2 liter with integrated Single-Use-Jacket

Liquid thermal control of 3.2 liter Vessel Volume

Most popular size of CerCell Single-Use-Bioreactor's (SUB´s) also with Single-Use-Jacket (SUJ). Easy to adapt to any Process-Control-System (PCS) relaying on a circulating liquid for thermal control of the broth.

This set of 4 SUBs is manufactured November 2018. Choose either single or dual impeller for cultivation. Agitation is driven internal by the Aero motor and external by the external MST.

Options to select from

  • Available with Magnetic-Bottom-Drive (MBD) with Aero motor for MST (also with Head-Plate-Drive (HPD))
  • 5 sensor PG 13.5 ports / choose no sensors installed 
  • 3 extra PG 13.5 ports / choose installed with Single-Use-Sensors (SUS) classical signal pH FermProbe and VisiWell DO for VisiFerm (ask for the PolarWell for ampherometric DO sensor)
  • One or two Nylon kidney impellers combined on the shaft with the Aero drive
  • 3 x 0.5 mm drilled macro sparger or micro pore sparger
  • 3 x 10 mm wide baffels (or we leave them out)
  • 12 small diameter hoses for various inlet and outlet length 600 or 900 mm
  • Working Volume (WV): 300 ml required to cover the ceramics bearing, 500 ml will cover sensors, 1,000 ml will cover the impeller

Plug & Play of CerCell components to obtain the composition which fit your existing PCS setup.

MST part numbers to choose from:

  • Magnetic-Stirrer-Table (MST) including Biostat type adapter (ID39-B)
  • Magnetic-Stirrer-Table including Applikon type adapter (ID25-A)

Servo motor adaptor kit available for Kollmorgen (Sartorius), 4-pin Applikon style for P-100 or P-310, MagMotor (Eppendorf), Teknic (Finesse) or any other servo motor you may have. For extra security select one Off-gas Sterile-Filter-Heaters.


  • Three wall baffles of Width 10 mm x Thickness 4 mm.
  • Extend from head plate down to 0.5 L, 43 mm from the bottom.
  • Approximate clearance between SUB wall and baffle is 4.5 mm.


  • Kidney impeller, OD 60, 3 blades, 45 degrees clock wise rotation and up flow
  • Mounted 50 mm from the bottom

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