Mounting PG13.5 sensors

How to treat correct

We strongly recommend that any threaded PG 13.5 sensor is tighten with max 1 Nm into any SUB or SUF head plate. Same rules for CerCell and PerfuseCell products as well as for other brands.

2017-06-08 13.13.34.jpg2017-06-08 13.15.28.jpg2017-06-08 13.14.21.jpg2017-06-08 13.12.20.jpg

Use your fingers or a little plastic spanner tool! The vessel is plastics and not stainless steel, durability and strength are significantly different. To ensure integrity, the o-ring only needs to be compressed slightly.

CerCell DO RUS tool.jpgMT DO mounting tool.jpgCerCell tool for MT DO RUS.jpgMT DO for PolarWell.jpgolder MT DO RUS.jpgtool on MT sensor.jpg

If your preferred DO sensor is like the shown MT Polarographic then the tool can be of help.

2017-06-08 13.11.22.jpg2017-06-08 13.11.42.jpg2017-06-08 13.11.51.jpg

Well, we have seen several really bad uses of hand tools. Not correctly chosen tools will for sure both over-tighten and destroy the sensor as well as the bioreactor … so take your time! Never use the tools seen above!