Our Clean-Room facility

Increased production capacity

CerCell's Clean-Room is designed for best possible team-work improving product quality. The unique design was constructed with a Paletti alu-profile frame allowing maximum transparency - and installed 2020. The ever-increasing demand of customized pharma products required the 2020 facility expansion. Production was up and running again ultimo 2020.

2021 01 09 NE Cercell CR2021 01 09 Cercell CR2021 01 09 NW Cercell CR2021 01 10 SW Cercell CR

The Clean-Room is off course pressurized with filtered and tempered air with conditions constantly measured and documented. Further filtered pressurized air and water are needed ensuring all components are super clean before assembling.

The Japanese Anest-Iwata scroll compressor is unique as it operates 100% oil free. The compressed air is further dried and distributed through an all Stainless-Steel piping system. Cleaned with several membrane filters in series of which the final filters before the Clean-Room has 10 nm (0.01 µm) pores. 

City water being pre-filtered, passes a softener unit before the RO unit processes / delivers ultra-clean water for component washing.

Next serious expansion is planned to 2024 - we need to triple the capacity.

Per Stobbe – 2022