Magnetic-Stirrer-Table isolate the heavy servo motor

Magnetic-Stirrer-Table details

Isolating the servo motor size and weigth is perfect by the use of one of 3 MST variants: Standard (12 magnets) and Compact (8 magnets) and Ultra (8 magnets) mechanical Magnetic-Stirrer-Table (MST) for adaptation to various Process-Control-System (PCS) servo motor's. Able to transfer comprehensive amount of power though depending on the particular servo motor capacity. Servo motors rated higher than 40 watt is recommended to drive any of the MST from 50 RPM and up.

Be aware that some small motors from a few PCS suppliers rated at 10-25 watt and like 0.1 Nm torque without encoder may have difficulties operating the MST smoothly at very low RPM.

A popular agitation setup is based on the Biostat designed ID39-B based on MST-disc + motor adapter standard and PowerGrip WK-21 rubber coupling. It takes only a few seconds to exchange the servo motor from your Stirred-Tank-Reactor (STR) and mount on the MST.

The Applikon ID25-A nose drive fits any CerCell MST mounted with ID25A tower. The ID25A motor nose is widely used by several PCS suppliers (Applikon, DASGIP, Broadley-James). The exchange of servo motor from STR to CerCell MST takes only few seconds.

Latest use of NEMA-23 step servo motors gives a compact solution able to agitate up to 13 liter SUBs easily. Cadmus from with ID39-B adapter kit mounted on green MST-C. NEMA-23 have the advantage of being an international standard easy to exchange adapter on.

The Eppendorf ISS ESM60C or ESM80 motor when mounted with ID39-B adapter fits any MST equipped with ID39-B MST-disc.

Advanced Perseus motor drive unit (from benefit from the geared precision Papst servo motor with ID39-B adapter kit. Here mounted on MST-U with MST-disc driving the 3.2 liter CellVessel.

Four MST-U each with white POM SUB-Support-Square (SSS) feet. Mounted on MST-U the 3.2 litre SUB driven by Kollmorgen servo motor.

The MST's from CerCell

  • Polished AISI304 Stainless Steel (SS) construction harboring sealed ball bearings, sprockets and a toothed belt for + 50.000 hour lifetime
  • MST-S / Standard equipped with 12 permanent magnets and able to transfer more than 250 watt of traction power
  • MST-C / Compact and MST-U/ Ultra are both equipped with 8 permanent magnets able to transfer more than 150 watt of traction power
  • RPM span depends on the servo motor amplifier - the MST range from zero to max 2.000 RPM
  • Magnets arranged in 3 diameters being 25, 60 and 96 mm on the MST-S. For the MST-C and MST-U arranged in 25 and 60 mm diameter
  • MST-S / Standard with 12 magnets, dimension 390 x 180 x 50 mm + adapter, SS weight 5,7 kilo
  • MST-C / Compact with 8 magnets, dimension 320 x 180 x 50 mm + adapter, SS weight 5,2 kilo
  • MST-U / Ultra with 8 magnets, dimension 280 x 180 x 50 mm + adapter, SS weight 4,8 kilo
  • CE marked class 2006/42/EF, 17-05-006 and 95/16/EF and designed for IP61 protection
  • The MST is designed for maximum efficiency combined with various CerCell products. In particular when combined with the bolt-on Re-Usable-Jacket for liquid cooling / heating for the OD137 mm SUB/SUF.

Power requirement to overcome internal friction of MST's

RPM - with no SUB, SUF, SUM to drive

MST-U consumed WATT

MST-S consumed WATT