iSUB 1 liter for Nano

Customizable CellVessel 150 - 700 ml WV

With Vessel Volume (VV) of 1,000 ml the iSUB covers from as little as 150 - 700 ml Working Volume (WV) designed for:

  • Heating-Support-Foot combined with Magnetic-Stirrer-Table driven by any Process-Control-System and servo motor
  • PALL Nano docking station including Magnetic-Bottom-Drive and Peltier element thermal control by the (mPATH)

Detailed information to find under Support

iSUB is an all Single-Use-Bioreactor direct installment for low volume cell line cultivation. Either pure suspended cells or cell lines adhered to micro-carriers. Above shown with VisiFerm inserted into VisiWell and OneFerm VP pH SUS pre-installed.

SUB details

  • Delivered with Magnetic-Bottom-Drive (MBD)
  • Standard 3 x Elephant ear blade impeller for radial agitation (can be customized)
  • Polycarbonate, nylon and silicone materials

Here shown with an impressive number of Single-Use-Sensors (SUS): VisiWell (VisiFerm) DO, OneFerm pH S8, InCyte bio-mass, C-CIT Glucose, level, ConducCell conductivity.

SUS details

Any of the free PG 13.5 ports can be pre-installed with a variety of sensors or accessories. Single-Use-Sensors (SUS) such as:

  • InCyte pre-installed bio-mass patch from Hamilton
  • Conductivity SUS – ConducCell manufactured by CerCell

Even though the iSUB is designed to fit into PALL Nano docking station. The OD 110 mm iSUB works equally well on the CerCell MST driven (agitation as well as thermal control) by any PCS.

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