Biostat motor and adapter's

The last 30 year Biostat servo motor's and coupling's for the pharma business

The Biostat PCS (Process-Control-System) concept has since its introduction in the mid 1980ties been coupled to several servo motors brands. For small bioreactors and fermenters, like 1-20 liters WV. What´s shown below is the most well know.


B. Braun Biostat PCS was introduced 1986 and lasted until year 2001

Heidolph Electro GmbH is a part of Heidrive GmbH, Germany originating back to 1938. Presently offering a range of modern servo motors.  Heidolph model 317 AC servo motor is a large and somewhat bulky setup supplied from 1986 to 2001 by Heidolph Electro GmbH. CerCell do not support the typical conical adapter concept on this servo motor. But an ID39-B adapter ring to mount / replaced the conical adapter on the servo motor is the option.


Sartorius Biostat PCS was introduced year 2001

Kollmorgen Seidel Servo Drives GmbH model 6SM compact AC synchronous servo motors exist in two variants (M or LL) lengths. Produced from 2001 and used on Biostat in limited numbers. Popular motor size is 6SM27 which has 55 mm frame size, OD40 mm support circle, lengths 142 or 172 mm, axle OD9 mm, flange bolt circle 63 mm and voltage ratings up to 480 VAC. Most 6SM servo motors are equipped with ID50-B adapter and magnetic power transfer coupling. A rubber seal is enclosed in the head plate of the UniVessel STR.

CerCell do not support this ID50-B adapter and magnetic coupling principle. But offer a replacement kit consisting of a new servo motor aluminum ID39-B adapter, new PowerGrip® ZN21 sprocket and SP21 polyurethane rubber coupling. Please check under "Conversion kits".

Sartorius Biostat B-plus PCS introduced year 2004

Kollmorgen is a Radford, Virginia, US based company with Seidel Servo Drives as the EU based subsidiary. Acquired by investment company Danaher in 2000.

Kollmorgen Danaher model AKM compact AC synchronous servo motors exist in many variations (even inch and metric versions) and four lengths (86.2, 105.2, 124.2, 143.2 mm). Biostat was delivered with European manufactured Kollmorgen AKM servo motors from 2001 to 2012 in large numbers. Most used motor size 21, 22, 23, 24 variations are AC and AN with 58 mm frame size, OD40 mm support circle, axle OD9 mm, flange bolt circle 63 mm and voltage ratings up to 640 VAC. All AKM servo motors are equipped with the ID39-B adapter. The couplings on AKM servo motors are PowerGrip® WK-PG21 rubber element from Walter Flender GmbH.

CerCell and a range of PCS manufacturers support the ID39-B adapter concept including the PowerGrip® WK-PG21.


Sartorius Biostat PCS with Papst – introduced year 2012 and ahead

Pabst Motoren GmbH was acquired in 1992 and became 2004 EMB-Papst by merge with 2 other German companies. Operate internationally with 13.000 employed. Papst servo motor model ECI 63.60-K5 feature integrated electronic power drive sealed in the motor housing. OD 63 mm frame, 356 Watt, 48 VDC supply, CANOpen interface. Inherited the AKM servo motor ID39-B adapter concept and PowerGrip® WK-PG21 rubber coupling and are hereby fully exchangeable with many Sartorius Biostat Process-Control-Systems.