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Wonderful day March 2023 where we more or less all were present.

The strategy of CerCell® was since the start 2010 to design, manufacture and supply directly to the pharmaceutical industry creative, un-conventional and visionary customized up-stream rigid plastics single-use products for cultivation, fermentation and mixing, such as:

  • Single-Use-Bioreactor (SUBs) for batch cultivation - CellVessel™
  • Fed-batch Single-Use-Bioreactor (SUBs) for fed-batch cultivation - CellVessel™
  • Perfusion-Ready Single-Use-Bioreactor (PR-SUB) for semi-continues perfusion cultivation - LowRider™ family
  • Single-Use-Fermenter (SUFs) for microbial fermentation - BactoVessel® 
  • Single-Use-Mixers - CellMiscelatore - (SUMs)
  • Extensive range of accessories which allow all CerCell products to fit onto any Process-Control-System (PCS)

CerCell products are either fully configurable / customized SUBs or SUFs or PR-SUBs or SUMs in low numbers and eventually as an end-user standardized product in higher numbers. 

Latest the CerCell product portfolio has been expanded with highly customized CellMiscelatore Single-Use-Mixers (SUMs) for production of viral vectors, plasmid and mRNA.

CerCell A/S is a daughter company of Stobbe Pharma GmbH and as such a part of Stobbe Group