CerCell team


 BF17104 RED 7

 From left: Jesper, Peter, August, Christopher, Benny, Henrik, Per, Henry, Terry, Jacob, Kevin, Anders, Flemming. 

The strategy of CerCell® was since the start 2010 to design and manufacture and supply the pharmaceutical industry with creative, un-conventional and visionary customized up-stream rigid plastics single-use products for cultivation and fermentation, such as:

  • Single-Use-Bioreactor (SUB) for batch cultivation - CellVessel™
  • Fed-batch Single-Use-Bioreactor (SUB) for fed-batch cultivation - CellVessel™
  • Perfusion-Ready Single-Use-Bioreactor (PR-SUB) for semi-continues perfusion cultivation - CellRider™ family (HighRider and LowRider)
  • Single-Use-Fermenter (SUF) for microbial fermentation - BactoVessel® 
  • Extensive range of accessories

CerCell products are either fully configurable / customized SUBs or SUFs or PR-SUBs in low numbers and eventually as an end-user standardized product in higher numbers. 

Reality showed us since 2016 that CerCell's expertise and product's also see interest from Original-Equipment-Manufactures (OEM) of SUBs and SUFs. This approval of CerCell's strategy has expanded from design to also manufacturing of SUBs for OEMs. 

CerCell company belongs to Stobbe Group