D-CO2 sensor

Dissolved CO2 sensor’s for on-line measurements

Dissolved carbon dioxide (DCO2) is a critical process parameter in biopharma production processes. At last the CarbonDioxide measurements in fluids is now easy combining the pre-installed CO2Well and the latest Solid State CO2NTROL sensor from Hamilton. By influencing other parameters such as extracellular and intracellular pH, it has an effect on different metabolic pathways which are involved in cell growth or in product formation and quality. 

Re-Usable-Sensor (RUS) in PG13.5 x 12 mm format manufactured by Hamilton and named CO2NTROL. 

CO2 molecules diffuse into a gas permeable membrane where the sensor measures the absorption of CO2-specific MID IR wavelengths. This absorption correlates to the partial pressure of CO2 in the media.

The new CO2NTROL will seal against and exchange gas though the silicone membrane.