Minis for cultivation

Easy to use and order 30 - 150 ml WV SUBs

With a Vessel Volume (VV) of only 250 ml these CellVessel sizes cover from as little as 30 - 150 ml Working Volume (WV). The range of mini-SUBs is also available with classical signal pH SUS and DO Single-Use-Well and bio-mass Single-Use-Sensor all pre-installed.

The option of either round or square shapes alter the internal mixing performance.

Here shown a range of SUMs in different configurations to the left, some even with Single-Use-Sensors (SUS). In the middle some not yet configured vessels in 2 different vessel sizes..

  • Nalgene 175 ml CellVessel, square 2015-0250 325 PC Clear 38-430 pn71-2160-0384 – 57x57 mm
  • Nalgene 250 ml CellVessel, square 2114-0008 290 HDPE Natural pn43 71-2150-0430 – 61x61 mm
  • Nalgene 250 ml CellVessel, round - OD 61.5 mm
  • Nalgene 500 ml CellVessel, square - 2015-1000 pn PC clear pn71-2160-0384 – 94x94 mm

The MS-TC is designed to be driven by one of the two fully digital Cilix-B2 or Cilix-B8 or even the analogue Cadmus.

See here more details of Cilix drive units:

Price and p/n – look here - mini-SUMs is a customized product and we need to interact, listen to your requirement before we can give you a quote.