Minis for mixing of small volumes

Single-Use-Mini's for mixing of very small Working Volumes (WV)

CerCell offer to customize and manufacture mini CellMiscelatore™ Single-Use-Mixer (SUM) in any configuration you may require. Suitable for mRNA mixing applications, for homogenization, powder suspension, pH adjustment, media preparation development.

Here shown a range of mini-SUMs in different configurations to the left, some even with Single-Use-Sensors (SUS). In the middle some not yet configured vessels in 2 different vessel sizes. To the right some not yet configured SUMs different sizes mounted in MS_TC.

Depending on the impeller / turbine WV as low as 30-40 ml is obtainable


The MS-TC (Magnetic-Stirrer_Thermal-Control) incorporate a compact STEP motor. And when connected to either one of two different fully digital drive units from Cronus-PCS. Multi channel Cilix or the dual channel analogue Cadmus both with RPM range from 20 revolutions and up.

The MS-TC is designed to be driven by one of two fully digital Cilix-B2 or Cilix-B8 or the analogue Cadmus. The 8 channel Cilix-B8 shown packed on top with 8 individual MS-TC units for a very compact setup. The MS-TC incorporate both the STEP motor driving the rotating disc with 4 Neodymium magnets and the 25 watt Thermal-Control all in a compact block with dim 100x100 mm.

The MS-TC is available with different internal designs (round or square) in order to accommodate the following vessel sizes:

  • Nalgene 250 ml round vessel PC Clear OD 61.5 mm
  • Nalgene 175 ml square vessel 2015-0250 325 PC Clear 38-430 pn71-2160-0384 – 57x57 mm
  • Nalgene 250 ml square vessel 2114-0008 290 HDPE Natural pn 43 71-2150-0430 – 61x61 mm
  • Nalgene 500 ml square vessel 2015-1000 pn PC clear pn 71-2160-0384 – 94x94 mm
  • CerCell 500 ml round vessel PC clear OD 82 mm

See here more details of Cilix drive units:

Price and p/n – look here - for a customized SUM send us an email with your ideas.