Single-Use-Mixer product’s

Scalable configurable CellMiscelatore™ mixer product’s


CerCell team design and manufacture the CellMiscelatore™ Single-Use-Mixer (SUM) to fit your process.

Sizes range 250 ml, 500 ml, 3200 ml, 13 liter, 21 liter and 30 liter Vessel Volume (VV).

Typical for selectable high or low shear force mixing applications. Suited for homogenization, powder suspension, pH adjustment, and various advanced media preparation with low viscosity or high viscosity - such as viral vectors, plasmid and mRNA products.

CellMiscelatore available with:

  • select from hundreds of different rotors (impeller, turbine, etc)
  • with or without (or customized) stator for radial or axial mixing
  • with or without Single-Use-Sensor's
  • minimum Working Volume (WV) determined by SUS and the rotor design - max up 27 liter WV
  • with various heating and/or cooling options – electrical or liquid
  • mini-SUM (175 to 250 ml VV) designed for MS-TC - Magnetic-Stirrer_Thermal-Control drive
  • small SUM (500 and 3200 ml) designed for Magnetic-Stirrer-Table (MST) drive
  • larger SUM (13 - 30 liter VV) designed for Head-Plate-Drive (HPD) drive
  • multiple inlet / outlet anywhere on the beaker circumference or from head plate
  • supplied with hose, connectors, pumps, containers as needed - ready to use

CellMiscelatore mixing process controlled by:

  • Agitation by Perseus, Cilix or Cadmus drive unit and servo motor from Cronus-PCS
  • Parameters like pH and DO and temperature measured by Sipylus unit
  • Thermal electrical control by Harmonia unit
  • Fluids conveyed by Otrera peristaltic pump unit’s
  • Fluids conveyed by Clio diaphragm Single-Use-Pump’s and Clotho drive units
  • Your in-house available Process-Control-System

All PCS units from operate in stand-alone applications or interconnected via LAN and top level process controlled via OPC-UA by the Lucullus software from SecureCell.

SUMs are mostly designed and manufactured under a NDA, which is why we cannot show too many of the advanced SUMs we have manufactured - on these pages !