Single-Use-Mixers for other than cultivation

CellMiscelatore for mixing Working Volumes (WV) ranging 150 - 250 ml

CerCell offer to design and manufacture the 500 ml Vessel Volume (VV) CellMiscelatore™ Single-Use-Mixer (SUM) in any configuration you may require. Suitable for mixing applications, for homogenisation, powder suspension, pH adjustment, media preparation development.

Shown a variety of the 500 ml Vessel Volume, Single-Use-Mixers designed for testing purposes in a scale up process over 3,200 ml SUM over 13 liter and 30 liter SUMs for production.

A few of a very large batch of 500 ml SUMs super custom design with pH and ConducCell SUS. Photo to the left show Cronus-PCS units Cilix-2 agitating and Harmonia thermal control dual 500 ml SUBs.

The CellMiscelatore™ / SUM is a customized product and we need to interact, listen to your requirement before we can give you a quote.