Liquid level Single-Use

SUB and SUF product's which facilitate liquid level

CerCell offer rigid plastics SUB, SUF, P-SUB products including electrodes for liquid level measurements. And most Process-Control-System's facilitates connection with either 2 or 4 mm banana plugs to measured conductivity between electrodes in the head space for sensing:

  • Liquid level 

This typical on/off type of sensing is use for:

  • adjusting the liquid level for desired Working Volume (WV)
  • add minor amount of fluids to adjust, reduce foam problems

 A long Stainless Steel ground electrode is needed, one or preferably two Stainless Steel electrodes in various length measured in millimetre from the SUB/SUF ground electrode a sensing signal corresponding liquid level.

From left: 1 - Set of SUS comprising two and three Stainless Steel rod electrodes passing through the PG13.5 plugs  4 mm banana plug connection. 2 - One long electrode/sensor is ground and the short electrode/sensor for the level both shown on PG 13.5 size In&Out system. 3 – Banana plugs added on In&Out system on a OD 130 mm SUB.

Foam level and density sensing is extremely difficult among others depending on foam kinetics (bubble size, foam distribution) and liquid type. CerCell dont offer such technologies.

Via the Configurator Tool the distance from bottom to optional level electrode/sensor can be chosen.