Liquid level Single-Use

SUB and SUF product's which facilitate liquid level

We offer rigid plastics SUB, SUF, P-SUB products including electrodes for level and/or foam measurements. And most Process-Control-System's facilitates connection with either 2 or 4 mm banana plugs to measured conductivity between electrodes in the head space for sensing:

  • Foam 
  • Liquid level 

The typical on/off type of sensing is use for:

  • adjusting the liquid level for desired Working Volume (WV)
  • add minor amount of fluids to adjust, reduce foam problems

 A long ground electrode is needed, one or two electrodes in length measured in millimeter from the SUB/SUF bottom for required sensing height.

From left: Head plate mounted two stainless steel rod electrodes passing through the head plate for dual 4 mm banana plug connection. Further a Hamilton biomass, pH and DO sensor connectors are seen. 2 - One long electrode/sensor is ground and the short electrode/sensor for the level both shown on PG 13.5 size In&Out system. 3 – Banana plugs added on In&Out system on a OD 130 mm SUB.

Via the Configurator Tool the distance from bottom to optional level electrode/sensor can be chosen.