Various accessory products

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In order to make it easier to find parts now divided into sections.

  • Bottom drive by magnets
  • Adapters, towers, discs for servo motors
  • Thermal control liquids
  • Thermal control electrical
  • Single-Use-Sensors
Pn 4720 220 Triple PolarwellPn 2250 U 8 B MST Incl Pn 2259 137Pn 2256 Finesse Teknik M 2331W LS To ID39 BPn 2261 W HSF For 250 Ml SUBPn 2282 137 For MST
Stack Of Sterilefilterheater3 Size EHBHSF For OD 82 MmHSF For OD 137 MmOneferm 120 VP8 NTC22

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