CellTumbler product

CellTumbler presentation

CellTumbler is an affordable rocking device supporting the well-known cell culture wave-bags from various suppliers ranging from 0.5/1 litre up to 10/20 litre bag size. CellTumbler is not limited to a specific supplier of bags. In general, the CellTumbler is a stand-alone instrument with reduced complexity and very easy to use.

Product name



support a range of wave-bag products

Platform material

Stainless Steel, AISI 316

Rocking joint material

Rubber elements

Rocking drive

DC servo motor RPM controlled

Sterile filter heating connection

18 VAC – 3 watt

Power connection

230 VAC 50 Hz – 250 watt

CellTumbler is available in 4 sizes – look at this link . We describe the wave-bag with "liquid volume" and "total volume" - which is 50% liquid and 50% gas. A bag with total fluid (gas and liquid) volume is like 10 liter containing 5 liter liquid. The 10/20 bag for 10 liter liquid and 10 liter gas.

Reducing gradients and improve aeration at the same time is not easy in a wave-bag with laminar flow. We developed the simple, but efficient half-pyramid ad-on device to CellTumbler. A variety of CellTumbler half-pyramids shown on a CellTumbler tray.

One significant feature converting the traditional laminar wave flow to CellTumbler cross-circulating / 8-figure flow pattern are the half-pyramids. Mounting one over each of the rotating bearing, on the long side of the wave bag. Either with dual adhesive tape or bolted to the side wall.

The short video above show how the CellTumbler with traditional wave-bags create the laminar wave motion inside the rectangular plastic foil bag.

The video above show non laminar mixing. Adding the two half-pyramid as shown above changes completely the motion into a large 8 of liquid flow. Much better aeration and reduced gradients. All translates into better mass transfer.

Find variois to download as PDF below.