CellVessel details

CellVessel is designed as a replacement for old fashion glass / steel STR

In 2011 we realized that what the pharmaceutical industry was looking for was not a fixed, one size, one type, one standard, green or blue Single-Use-Bioreactor – but a fully customizable SUB or SUF.

The CellVessel product's changed from a static product to now a dynamic product based on thousands of different parts all fitting together. Offering the end-use ultimate freedom to design the individual SUB or SUF satisfying any requirement. 

Please find here under Support a range of information helping to realize the potential.

CellVessel sparger details.JPGdualfilterbottle.JPGHead plate range 110 to 200.JPGquadrouple sterile filter heater.JPGSUB130x225 with 4 spargers.JPG


As can be seen from sub-folder we divide into the following vessel diameter 82, 110, 137, 150, 150, 200, 250 and length according to SUS. Hereby Vessel Volume (VV) is determined.

Enjoy the new movies showing impeller / mixing / agitation performance