Servo-Motor-Support kit

Small SUB and SUF benefit from motor support

It’s a straight forward accessory. Simple to assemble and install supporting somewhat unstable servo motors on the SUBs of SUFs with Head-Plate-Drive. 3 different diameters are available - OD110, OD137, OD150 for 3 different heights 225, 320, 420 mm.

Kit consist of the white POM base half circle disc. Specific leg set in required length with M8 bolts, two rods with long M8 thread for adjustment of the transparent motor support plate, one shorts rod to support the sky-support for hoses or gas cooler.

As you receive the SMS kit parts before you have assembled the kit.

The Kollmorgen servo motor with ID39-B adapter and the opposite end the transparent guide plate. A white plastic disc mounted on the motor end cover with adhesive tape support the motor in the upper end. The SUB diameter shown is 110 mm.

For the widely used Applikon P100 servo motor an ID25-A adapter keep the motor in place being supported by the transparent guide plate in the opposite end.

Photos 2019 with the 3.2 liter SUB / SUF supported in the SMS kit.