Application Notes for BactoVessel

Find here Application Notes and hands-on experience

DTU - Danish Technical University

A first test of early BactoVessel model 25-5000 was performed at DTU year 2012 with 3 litre WV and gave promising 200 kLa/h, 1 WV/air/min, 400 rpm, OD 80 mm Jacobsā€™s turbine (JT8-75), 0 mBar vessel pressure.

SSI - Statens Serum Institute, Denmark

Second test 2014 at SSI, Denmark driven by Applikon P310 servo motor on an early BactoVessel 5.5 litre VV SUF, 3 litre WV, OD 80 mm JT8-75 turbine with integrated micro pore sparger against the similar size glass/steel STR with Rushton OD80 with hole ring sparger. SSI found the BactoVessel kLa values being 30% better at 500 rpm compared to the traditional Rushton turbine (RT8-90) in glass/steel STR performance at 800 rpm (0 mBar vessel pressure).

SSI - Statens Serum Institute, Denmark

A third test for CerCell and SSI, Denmark performed by Hajar H. Al-Khafaji investigating of various relationship around fermenter design.

SOP - Danish Technical University

Suggestion to Standard-Operating-Procedure for a BactoVessel performed by Kristian Krakau.