The start of CerCell

It all started during a European Community (EC) research project (Atlantis 2007-2011) concerning 1. hot gas treatment and 2. adherent cell cultivation in very advanced extruded multi channel porous wall Silicon-Carbide (SiC) ceramic honeycombs. We became aware that here was an opportunity for contributing to global healthcare based on our expertise and knowledge. We understood "an invitation from EC" to explore and create the variety of products now being Stobbe Group. The fastest growing of these 5 individuals, different but collaborative technologies became CerCell.

Per Stobbe – the visionary inventor and product initiator with +30 years of experience within porous materials, fluid mechanics, separation systems, and bio pharma production equipment. For this work, I received my share of the Descartes Prize 2006 for outstanding research.

Kevin Klein – 20 years of experience with production, production management and production optimization. 10 years of management experience, both at operational, tactical, and strategic level. With the educations; machinist and; university degrees AP Graduate in Production Technology and Diploma of Leadership

Flemming Petersen – with a university degree in business administration and >30 years experience as CFO and in organising the companies of Stobbe Group. Flemming has detailed experience as coordinator, partner in many R&D projects. And great expertise in setup and design of management and financial CMR systems.