CellTumbler portfolio

Any size of wave bags from small to 20 litre


  • Is an affordable rocking device supporting the well known cell culture wave bags from any supplier
  • Allow the user to select and use any commercial available wave bags from small up to size 10/20 (10 media liter/20 liter total volume)
  • Facilitate standardization to any bag supplier product and easy interchangeability to any mix of wave bags
  • Improved mass transfer with turbulent mixing system

Either Single or Triple:

  • Multiple CellTumblers aligned horizontal on desktops
  • Three CellTumblers stacked in a more expensive though ergonomic attractive cabinet on extractable and up/down movable shelves

CellTumbler essential parts are:

  • The platform(s) to which any wave bag may be applied
  • The Drive-Unit which handles one or more platforms (depending on the bag size)
  • The Heat-Control-Unit with two independent channels for two wave bags
  • Manual Gas-Unit for low cost air/CO2 control


More info under Support/CellTumbler