CellTumbler details

CellTumbler was originally (2010) designed as a replacement for expensive wave bag system from GE and Sartorius. Fully avoiding any patent infringement's. We decided 2016 that CellTumbler will continue but as a low priority product. CerCell support happily the existing installations.

GE-2x10-one-tray # 50-14.JPGCellTumbler_bag_variants.JPGpn 5013 - GE-2x10.JPGpn 5014 SS-2x10-one-tray.jpgpn 5015 - CellTumbler 2x10 bags.JPG


The first CellTumbler's was manufactured in 2010. All the units built between 2010 - 2012 are still in daily use. Minimum maintenance needed. Only wear part turned out to the the little nylon roller on the crank wheel. This means lifetime is easily 50.000 hours.