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BactoVessel 6 litre on Solaris PCS.JPG500 ml on Biostat.JPGCellVessel 3 litre on Finesse Smart PCS.JPGearly CerVessel 3,2 on Biostat.JPG

It’s cool news that CerCell products adapts to most PCS's such as the SecureCell Opera PCS and Eppendorf PCS and Solaris PCS and Finesse PCS and Biostat PCS.

News and events throughout the years

  • CerCell participate in fairs, events and exhibitions around the year. You can find information from the past and what we plan for in the near future
  • Find advert and articles from GEN – Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News magazine
  • Find advert and articles from BioProcess International magazine
  • Find advert and articles from BioPharm International magazine
  • Find product advert in various magazines
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