Single-Use-Mixer’s for other than cultivation

CellMiscelatore in size 13 or 21 or 30 liter VV

Available with any imaginable rotor design (impellers - turbines) with or without stator, with or without Single-Use-Sensor's. CellMiscelatore from 13 liter and above designed for Head-Plate-Drive (HPD) drive. Thermal control by electrical means or SUM surrounded by a jacket circulating liquids.

Medium and large size 13-21-30 liter Vessel Volume (VV) Single-Use-Mixer's designed with liquid thermal control for specific purpose. Potentially including ConducCell and pH Single-Use-Sensors. The HPD setup allow agitation performed by a range of servo motors. Independent drive system available from such as the Perseus.

The CellMiscelatore™ / SUM is a customized product and we need to interact, listen to your requirement before we can give you a quote. 

SUMs are mostly designed and manufactured under a NDA, which is why we cannot show too many of the advanced SUMs we have manufactured - on these pages !