Fully configurable Single-Use-Bioreactor

CellVessel family in sizes from 0.5 to 30 litre

CellVessel series of configurable Single-Use-Bioreactors (SUB) are ideal for batch and fed-batch cultivation of various cell lines in suspension. CellVessel are unique as the SUB is fully configurable and meet all design request in a scalable platform ranging 0.1-25 litre Working-Volume (WV). Check out the many sizes under Commerce and see examples one step below this page. Contact us so we can help you configure, design, manufacture the special SUB you want.

CellVessel SUBs are designed for simple connection to most Process-Control-Systems (PCS) and replaces traditional glass/metal Stirred-Tank-Reactors (STR). CellVessel comes with bottom drive (Magnetic-Bottom-Drive - MBD) or top drive (Head-Plate-Drive - HPD) accepting most servo motors.

Here are some of the many size and drive options:

  • OD82 and OD110 mm size for DasGip® bioBlock with Head-Plate-Drive (HPD) with RE30 or RE110 servo motors
  • OD110 or OD137 mm size (also with baffels) for bottom drive on Magnetic-Stirrer-Table (MST)
  • OD150, OD200, OD250 mm size without baffels with Magnetic-Bottom-Drive (MBD) on Magnetic-Stirrer-Table (MST)
  • OD137, OD150, OD200, OD250 (also with baffels) available with Head-Plate-Drive (HPD) and Single-Use-Jacket (SUJ)
  • OD137, OD150, OD200, OD250 comes with HPD when combined with Re-Usable-Jacket (RUJ)

Basic specifications for CellVessel are:

  • Polycarbonate and Nylon materials
  • 6 different diameters and 5 different height – check out sizes under Commerce
  • Head plate with a number of PG 13.5 ports according to the SUB diameter
  • Rigid design for stable MST drive and even HPD - Head-Plate-Drive

Fully configurable CellVessel created by selecting from thousand's of different components (check out our product Configurator):

  • A huge range of impeller(s), any rotation or up-flow / down-flow / axial / radial fluid circulation for any application
  • MST drive or HPD for connection to any servo motor (select the specific servo motor adapter)
  • Temperature controlled with electrical heating blankets
  • Temperature controlled liquid jacket - check out Accessories/Thermal-Systems
  • Various aeration methods; such as micro pore spargers, hole spargers, L-spargers, head space gas exchange
  • Tube stator with baffles for axial vortex mixing, donut shape flow pattern for improved mass transfer and increased productivity
  • Several different fluid In&Out and exhaust methods
  • A range of sensors, Single-Use-Sensor (SUS), liquid level / foam sensors

General comments:

  • The product is designed for single-use only and will be damaged during treatment with >80% ethanol solution or temperature above 80°C.
  • Delivered high precision E-beam irradiated in dual polyester foil bags.
  • All components in media contact are ISO10993, FDA approved or USP class VI certified materials.
  • Newer rotate impeller system without liquid in SUB