4 - 10 liter LowRider incl Levitronix and HFF

PR-SUB (Perfusion-Ready-Single-Use-Bioreactor) 

World only fully pre-assembled perfusion systems based on the “LowRider-10” PR-SUB and eliminate hood and autoclaving time. Bottom broth outlet connected directly to the Levitronix Single-Use-Pump (SUP) for circulating the broth through the Hollow-Fiber-Filter (HFF) and back to the PR-SUB. The LowRider-13-TFF is designed to fit any 4-10 liter Working Volume (WV) perfusion Process-Control-System (PCS). Broadly known as the TFF setup.

 The LowRider-13 PR-SUB, the unique broth outlet at bottom exit via hose directly connected to the Levitronix SUP. Simple connection to the HFF and retentate return to the SUB via a hose to the head plate and back into the LowRider-13 PR-SUB.

 Features for the LowRider-13-TFF size PR-SUB

  • Rigid mono component PolyCarbonate
  • Vessel dimension: OD 200 x 445 mm (13 liter Vessel Volume)
  • Multiple agitation, drive options:
    1. Head-Plate-Drive (HPD) for selectable servo motor drive
    2. Magnetic-Bottom-Drive (MBD) for selectable servo motor drive via MST
  • Multiple impeller’s (and turbine’s) options, such as:
    1. Two elephant ear impeller, OD 100 mm, 3 blades, 45 degrees, CW rotation down flow, 55 mm from the bottom, 120 mm between
    2. One bottom Rushton OD 100 mm turbine, one OD 90 mm pitch blade impeller, 120 mm separated

Head plate with 10 x PG 13.5 ports pre-installed with

  1. port with non-invasive PolarWell or VisiWell for DO RUS insert
  2. port with OneFerm pH Single-Use-Sensor with K9 connector
  3. Aeration port with 9 hole L-sparger or ring-sparger macro or your preferred sparger
  4. First inlet port for retentate return with 750 mm 9.5 mm hose from HFF
  5. Optional second inlet port for retentate return with 750 mm 9.5 mm hose from HFF
  6. Port for harvest via large diameter tube to bottom and external 1,000 mm hose
  7. Port for inoculation via tube 60 mm from bottom and external 1,000 mm hose
  8. In&Out 1 with 4 all small inner diameter 1,200 mm long weldable closed hoses
    1. 1 x inoculation inlet 30 mm from bottom
    2. 1 x media inlet 30 mm from bottom
    3. 1 x outlet sample 30 mm from bottom
    4. 1 x inlet for acid, NaOH 30 mm under cover
  9. In&Out 2 with 2 all small inner diameter
    1. 1 x bottom harvest hose with swabable valve
    2. 1 x acid inlet small inner diameter 1.200 mm long weldable hoses
    3. 1 x thermo couple well ID 7 mm
  10. exhaust to 500 ml foam collecting bottle, further 1,000 mm hose to 2 x 400 cm2 sterile filters

External to the LowRider-13-TFF find

  • Bottom broth barb outlet with 200 mm long 9.5 x 14.3 mm hose directly to DCP200
  • PuraLev DCP200 SUP hose exit to the HFF inlet
  • HFF of your choice – one or two in parallel
  • HFF outlet and return hose to the SUB

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