For water conveying Process-Control-System (PCS) the Flexible-Heating-Cooling (FHC) heat exchanger is simple to wrap around any SUB / SUF product. Connection of HFC to existing water heating / cooling system performed with standard couplings and hoses. FHC simulates the traditional jacketed STR heating/cooling for LOW power applications.


  • Supplied width 150 mm and length 440 mm for OD137 and OD150 mm SUB/SUF
  • In/Out hose dimension OD9/ID6
  • Operating temperature 10 - 60°C (re-programming of most PCS is required)
  • Operating pressure 300 - 500 mBar
  • Operating flow 1 - 1.5 litre/min
  • Max exposed pressure 1 Bar
  • Burst pressure at 20°C is 3 Bar

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