Accessory Products

1 - The BlackBox Process-Control-System (PCS) specifically for CerCell's SUB and SUF

World first Process-Control-System (PCS) for worlds only customized Single-Use-Bioreactor / Single-Use-Fermenter

2 - Drive systems for all kinds of servo motors

Magnetic-Stirrer-Table (MST) and Head-Plate-Drive (HPD) kits for CerCell products combines easily with various Process-Control-Systems and their servo motors.

3 - Single-Use-Sensor's are for sure the most interesting product group

Classical signal Single-Use-Sensors is offered and combines easily with various Process-Control-Systems

4 - Thermal system's for either heating or cooling combined with any PCS

Kits for electrical heating and kits heating / cooling with water for cultivation / fermentation and even HIGH power microbial applications. Kits for controlled / increased temperature on various size exhaust filter based on electrical heating.

General information:

  • Reference is made to general Safety Instruction found under Support.
  • Please be advised that CerCell does not include paper documentation in order to comply with environmental movements to "go green".

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