• Terry programming the PCS
  • 3 litre SUB in RUJ on MST ultra a
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  • Kevin in CAD environment red
  • Single Use Mixer out of a batch
    Customized Single-Use-Mixer
  • D3C 1722
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  • SUB 3 liter on MST Applikon drive
    3,2 liter on Magnetic-Stirrer-Table
  • Merck CellVessel persusion 01
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  • Merck CellVessel persusion 02
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  • Merck fast 3 liter CellVEssel
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  • BactoVessel 5.7 in RUJ on Biostat
  • BactoVessel Smith turbine and sparger
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  • CellVessel 3 litre on Finesse Smart PCS
  • 2+3 Liter Biogenl dec 01
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  • 2+3 Liter Biogenl dec 02
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  • Batch Perfusion Bioneer
  • CellTank Bioneer june2012

Customizable Single-Use-Bioreactor

Let’s design your preferred SUB or SUF. No standard SUB will satisfy your needs anyway! Out of 5.000 different parts it should be possible to assemble a design specifically for you.

Standard Single-Use-Bioreactor

CellVessel is a unique SUB platform able to satisfy the 0,5 to 30 litre Vessel Volume range. Fit's any existing Process-Control-System with agitation via Head-Plate-Drive or Magnetic-Bottom-Drive.

Customizable Single-Use-Fermenter

World first tough SUF up to 30 litre for microbial fermentation replacing old fashion glass/steel STR. Compatible with all Process-Control-System, classical sensors and super simple to install.