Simple improved mixing and oxygen take-up

Hi again,

A little do-it-yourself-trick for R&D
The Wave-Bag have gained some interest despite its predictable laminar flow pattern and hereby lousy mixing. The simple principle presented here convert the laminar flow pattern to non-laminar. When you test yourself, you will see liquids and hereby cells, particles, bubbles moved like the number 8.

We call the devise for “half pyramid” developed in 2012. It can be manufactured from plastics, 3D printed, from metal, from cardboard, etc. Important is that the edges in contact with the foil of the bag are rounded avoiding damaging the foil. Glue the “half pyramid” to the tray so it don’t move during operation.


For your own testing "sacrifice" a bag and add particles. Any particle with specific density not too far from water will do. Something as simple as fish eggs from local supermarket. Don’t laugh – cost nothing, easy to pre-clean and when black very visible. Very easy to see flow pattern and optimise the “half pyramid” as to needs.

Examples can be seen here -