BactoVessel with extra cooling

Hi there,

BactoVessels shown here are designed to customer’s specific needs. Single-Use-Sensors are DO PolarWell and pH with K8 connector and well for thermocouple. The vessel integrates a surrounding Single-Use-Jacket (SUJ) with threaded connector hubs.

In this example one Rushton turbine Head-Plate-Drive (HPD) on a stainless-steel axle for speed up to 1500 RPM. Dual exhaust filters for extra protection with one blocked-off and one active filter preferably wrapped with the Sterile-Filter-Heater (SFH).

Dual stacked 3.2-liter BactoVessel inside the Single-Use-Jacket for thermal control. Gas cooler designed to be supported by the stainless-steel Sky-Support rod placed in a sloth on the head plate – (the hand is not a part of the kit!)

More info available here