Turbines in BactoVessel

Hello, here some cool info about turbines,

Turbines in BactoVessel® is available in 250 different dimensional variants operation with increasing kLa values up to 1.500 RPM. The turbine principles offered by CerCell are Rushton, Smith, Bakker.

The Rushton turbine originate from the 1950ties, the Smith turbine from the 1980ties and the Bakker turbine from 1997 - all have very different performance.

More information http://cercell.com/support/bactovessel-details/turbine-principles/

Arrange horizontally like the turbine performance photo above. Ability to dispatch aeration bubbles evenly is very different between the concepts (Photo with permission by Andre´ Bakker).

More information http://cercell.com/support/bactovessel-details/turbine-available/
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Per Stobbe