CellVessel Single-Use-Mixer

Hello, today I would like to present a customised 250 ml mini Single-Use-Mixer (SUM) including two Single-Use-Sensors (SUS).

One high precision 1-200 mS/cm conductivity SUS and one wide range classical signal 2-10 pH SUS. More around sensors here www.cercell.com/products/accessory-products/sensors

The rigid plastics SUM designed for various mixing purposes. Driven from bottom via magnetic power transfer. Requires only 1 watt for 250 RPM on a lab stirrer table.

We can design and manufacture any size SUM up to 13 litre VV with a range of SUS.

More info about the SUM here www.cercell.com/products/configurable-products/single-use-mixer

With kind regards from
Per Stobbe