Aeration used in Single-Use-Bioreactors

The largest range of spargers to select from - typically mounted horizontal under impeller or straight down vertical.

Porous bodies made from E-beam tolerant PolyEthylene (PE) or PolyCarbonate (PC) with these spec.

  • Micro-porous bodies with 1 or 15 µm pore
  • Macro-porous bodies with 100 µm pore
  • Super macro-porous bodies with drilled 500-800 µm holes in PC

Porous bodies made from E-beam tolerant porous glass membranes with these spec:

  • 10 or 50 or 100 or 250 µm pores (according to ISO 4793-80)
Sparger examples. CerCell can mount 4 different spargers in the same SUB for your own KLa testing.


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