Vaccine raw materials mixed by CellMiscelatore

More relevant than ever,

For 2 years now we have customized and supplied advanced Single-Use-Mixer’s (SUMs) for in-house R&D and manufacturing of plasmid, viral vectors, mRNA, etc products.

As to the critical times for our global health we offer and have long time experience in customizing SUMs for your participation in the COVID19 vaccine development.

Photo to the left: Different customized 3.2 liter SUMs out of the range of SUMs ranging from only 500 ml over 3.2 to 13 and 21 up to 30 liter SUMs. Photo to the right: Thermal control by Harmonia unit of a SUM.

Further our group now offer Process-Control-Systems specifically designed for advanced mixer applications - - agitation, thermal control, Single-Use-Sensors, pumps conveying liquids in/out.

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