Exhaust options fermenters

Single-use gas condensers with internal cooling

Single-Use gas cooler combines inner borosilicate glass tube for excellent heat transfer and outer PC tube and cooling liquid connections. All transparent tubes allow the user to inspect the functionality. Selectable from the “Configurator Tool”.

  1. Small size – ID/OD 7,5/12 x 300 mm glass tube, lower end inlet and opposite outlet end fitted with ID/OD 10/15x100 mm silicone hose, outlet in standard setup hold one 26 cm2 surface area PE sterile filter. Cooling area 68 cm2. Cooling liquid in/outlet with barbs for ID 5 mm hose connection App 1-6 nl/min/37° gas volume capacity with 12°C cooling water.
  2. Medium size – 7 in parallel arranged ID/OD 7/10 x 290 mm glass tubes, lower end inlet ID/OD 18/28x200 mm silicone hose, and outlet fitted with ID10/15 mm silicone hose piece and 400 cm2 surface area filter. Cooling area 420 cm2. Cooling liquid in/outlet with barbs for ID 5 mm hose connection. App 20-40 nl/min/37° gas volume capacity with 12°C cooling water.
  3. Large size – in design phase. App 100 nl/min/37° gas volume capacity.

Shown small-size and medium-size and large-size Single-Use gas cooler. Four small-size with dual sterile filter. And Sky-Support made from Stainless Steel supporting the gas cooler / exhaust sterile filter. Sky support mounted in one of the plugs on the head plate.

Remember: the gas condenser do NOT replace the Sterile-Filter-Heater !!


From left to right. Smallest 250 ml, medium size 500 mm and the large 3 liter foam collection bottle or call it “sterile filter protection” . Designed for from 2 liter SUB/SUF to the 30 liter size BactoVessel.

Connectors for the cooling media may be:

  • Barbs for silicone hoses,
  • Swagelok QC4 ¼” (on hose) like on Biostat (Double-end shutoff (DESO) stem valves and shut off when uncoupled – model SS-QC4-D-4PF and SS-QC4-B-4PF)
  • CPC connecters
  • Rectus 21 couplings


  • all gas coolers are pressure tested to 500 mBar
  • max operating cooling liquid pressure, max 250 mBar